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The Best VPNs to Use in India (2020)

Staying protected and safe has turned out to be a necessity more than a requirement. As the age of the internet tends to become more complicated, you need to carry forward the process in a way that reduces your risks. This common thought has brought people towards a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and today everyone in the country is looking towards using the best VPNs in the business. So to provide fuel for that search, we are here with a list of the best VPNs to operate in India.

1. ExpressVPN

With server locations in Mumbai and Chennai, “ExpressVPN” has made matters possible and provides the Indian population with the security they need. It boasts of local coverage and an effortless form of usage that can be understood in a matter of time. The 24/7 live chat support further expands things, and you will be glad about using their services. Moreover, the trial period of 30 days helps you get used to their services and how it takes shape to make sense.

2. Surfshark

With affordability and easy accessibility being at the helm of things, “Surfshark” is another VPN service that is worth it. Coming with the usual trial period of 30 days, the VPN moves ahead to bring in features that can also be used on several devices. So if you’re thinking about a subscription, then you will be stuck with deals where you will have to spend around 150 rupees a month. But to get a detailed view of the same, visit their website and gain the right form of information.


3. IPVanish

Guaranteeing a stable and good quality connection stands to be possible when you use “IPVanish.” As a unique VPN service, “IPVanish” tends to offer affordable packages that include the many aspects of being secure and advanced. Like other services, they are also equipped with live chat support that is here to help you deal with a number of problems. So enter a secure format with this particular VPN as it is bound to make it all happen for the best.

4. SaferVPN

A total of nine servers have pushed “SaferVPN” forward, and the service that it provides is unique. It supports numerous security protocols and helps you manage your projects and tasks with ease. Their packages are also termed to be affordable as it covers a wide range of aspects that one hopes to find. Due to that, using their services is beneficial, and you will know why when you experience the same.


So that was the end of our list as these four primary services stand to cover things for the bigger part of the picture. Hence, learn more about these VPNs and take the secure path forward.

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