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7 Ways to Check at Slot Machines

Slot machines grew popularity among games because of its easy to play functions and high rewards. Slot machines are either mechanical or digital, which has always attracted many cheaters to trick or hack the machines to offer a jackpot. Here are some of the most popular cheats used on slot machines in the past.

Cheat Code

Engineers who design the game mechanics have full control over accessing the source code for the machines. It can give them a lot of advantages during the games. If you happen to meet a slot game developer like Ronald Dale Harris, who manipulated slot machines to win for years, you are at luck.

Shaved coins

Shaved coins

When slot machines introduced light sensors to register payments, many machines had the optic sensor separate from the physical comparator. This gave cheaters a chance to use a shaved coin. When a shaved coin was inserted with an object of the same shape and size inside the machine, the machine will discard the coin and return it while the other object will go right in to start the game.


Although there have been no cases of magnets being used for video slots today as they are programmed with software, the earlier mechanical machines allowed people to try out magnets to interrupt the spinning of reels. If done correctly, you could win a lot of cash on a mechanical slot with a magnet.

Fake coins

Fake coins were first used by Louis Colavecchio, aka The Coin, to scam casinos for years until 1998 when he was finally caught. Today it might be difficult to make a fake coin as every coin has a sensor chip, but when The Coin was released 2006, surprisingly, he knew how to cheat with fake coins again.


This is an old technique used by cheaters on the slot machines using a coin attached to a thread. They insert the coin into the machine to start the game and then use the string to pull back the coin. Today will not be a very effective technology unless you find a casino that has old slot machines.


Light wand

The light wand was another famous invention of a famous slot cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He made a light wand that would blind the optical sensors of the slot machines and make them malfunction. The machines would be unable to check the coins that were deposited and would not know when to give out wins.

Top-bottom joint

The top-bottom joint was one of the most popular methods among cheaters during the 70s and 80s to cheat at slot machines. They used a two-part tool with a top of a metal rod bent like the letter q, and a bottom, which was just a long wire. The method was to put the bottom in through the coin chute and the top through the insert coin slot. When done correctly, it would jam the machine and force the game to release all the coins stored inside.

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