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How to Deposit Money on the Indian Online Casinos

Online casinos are getting popular worldwide among gamers due to the availability and easy access to games from computer screens or mobile devices. With plenty of world-known online casino operators, it is not difficult to find a reputed online casino. But every casino has its own policies with the deposits. There are three things to consider when you are looking for an online casino to play with real money.

While the safe and bonuses offered by the casino can be easy to figure out, beginners can have a hard time learning about the depositing process and the options available. Sometimes, they choose the options that unnecessarily take a lot of information and time from them. It is important to check out all the payment methods available and try to keep it as quick and simple as possible. Credit cards should be your last option to pay for your casino deposits.

Pre-paid cards

Pre-paid cards

Pre-paid cards are offered by casinos to deposit a prepaid sum in advance to the card. The details of the card can be used for making an account on an online casino. The only extra step to take here is to deposit the money on the pre0paid card from your debit card or credit card before you use the prepaid card for the casino. Once you recharge your prepaid card, it will work similarly to your debit/credit. The benefit here is that you can keep control over your monthly expense while also keeping your bank account details safe.


E-wallets are the easiest way to make deposits or payments on any online platform today. E-wallets like PayPal and UPIs can make quick deposits for you, saving you time to enter your card details. Some e-wallets also offer currency conversion in case the online casino does not accept the Indian currency. E-wallets are safe and secure in terms of sharing your private information and the best method for beginners to make quick transactions.



BankWire is also one of the most preferred methods for online casinos and other platforms as it can deposit and withdraw money quickly with a small fee. The money will get electronically transferred from your account to the casino. The two things that can bother you while using this method for online casinos are:

You will have to inform your bank about the transfer using the bank wire method. It may raise a few questions on your requirement to deposit money into an online casino.

The bank wire transfer requires an additional fee, so unless you are making a huge deposit, you may not feel the most profitable paying extra money for your deposits.

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